“The 2019 Feng Shui calendar: the Year of the Pig”

“The 2019 Feng Shui calendar: the Year of the Pig”

Published in:31 03 2019

A lecture organised on Thursday 28 March 2019 at 11:30.

Place: Maison du Savoir (MSA), Room 4.340, 4th floor, Belval Campus.

Free entry and open to all, refreshments provided.

BADEMA was born in China and is of Mongolian descent. She studied law in China and obtained two Master’s degrees in the United States. She has enjoyed a successful international research career in China, the United States and France, and has worked as a mental health counsellor. Since living in Belgium, Badema has taught Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. She regularly organises lectures, internships and training in these disciplines.

The use of the Feng Shui calendar, widespread in Asia for millennia, has gained worldwide popularity. Anyone can put Feng Shui into practice and enjoy the well-being it provides. The Feng Shui calendar describes the effects of the sun’s position using a method known as the “24 solar terms”, which can help you to respect the harmony of the cycles of nature, to arrange your home and office, or even to plan a trip. During this lecture, Badema will explain the benefits of Feng Shui and how it works. She will also present the Chinese horoscope for 2019.

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