12th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary Students held in Luxembourg

Published in:28 06 2019

On 15 June 2019, the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg held the 12th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foregion Secondary Students on Belval campus. 4 candidates tried their best and showed their skills perfectly. The competition gave rise to a number of outstanding performances.

The competition was divided into two parts: a written test and an oral test. There are four sections in the oral test: self-introduction, cultural question and answer, impromptu question and answer, and talent show. Many of the candidates had already been to China, some more than once. They were either attracted by the famous historical sites in China or obsessed with Chinese cuisine. For many of them, their experience in China was beautiful and unforgettable, and, together with their friends and family, they have developed a real fascination with the country. In the talent show section, they treated us to poetry reading, dancing and other wonderful performances, the most impressive of which was the tea ceremony prepared by the candidate Laetitia Garron. She began by reciting a poem to a melody, then slowly sat down and started a “conversation” with Wulong tea.

In the end, after fierce competition, Chloé Baertz from the Athénée de Luxembourg won the final competition with excellent basic Chinese skills and an outstanding oral performance. The Chinese and Luxembourg Directors of the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg, Zhu Wei and Jauffrey Bareille, took to the stage. They firstly congratulated the candidates on their efforts and achievements in the Chinese language learning process, before awarding them with certificates and prizes to encourage them to keep learning Chinese in the future.

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